Calypso Platform & Technical Architecture

The course consists of several modules, each module is designed to have hands-on exercises. The courses are instructed by Calypso Learning Services’ dedicated staff and members of our Subject Matter Experts’ team. Calypso Bank in a Box environments are provided to each participant for demonstrations, configurations, and learning exercises.

The training will be a virtual instructor led training and each attendee will be provided with access to unique instance of cloud-based Calypso environments.

Each participant will receive access to Calypso Learning Service eLearning portal to access training material, slides, and course exercises.

For registration or enrollment details, please email :

December 06-10, 2021

USD 3,000 (excl. Taxes)

Virtual Classroom


We recommend that you understand Calypso objects, data model, and workflows.


Module 1: Calypso Architecture & System Components

  • Calypso Architecture
  • System Components & Application Design
  • Installation Process, Starting the system and Client Applications
  • Configuring Servers
  • Hands-On Exercises: Configure & Run Calypso Servers

Module 2: Database Administration

  • Creating a new Calypso Database
  • Synchronizing the Database Schemas
  • Execute SQL Data
  • Deploy Local, Deploy Remote, Server-side Components

Module 3: Calypso Web Admin

  • Data Server Web Admin
  • Setting Alerts; Generating and Viewing Error Logs
  • Command-Line Tool AdminCLI
  • Event Monitoring Tool
  • Detecting Operational Anomalies
  • Hands-On Exercises: Analyze DataServer Log from WebAdmin

Module 4: Calypso DevOps Center

  • Features of DevOps Center
  • Monitoring using DevOps Center
  • Deployment using DevOps

Module 5: Maintenance & Monitoring

  • Securing Calypso Application
  • Performance and Monitoring Techniques
  • Real-Time / Batch Processing
  • Calypso Archiving & Clean Up
  • Memory and CPU Utilization

Module 6: Interfaces & Integration

  • Calypso Data Uploader Framework
  • Supported Interfaces (Bloomberg, Reuters, MarkIT, SWIFT, etc.)
  • Integration with External Systems
  • Hands-On Exercises: Upload / Export Data using CDUF